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New Special Edition Trim Expands 2016 Honda Odyssey's Premium Features

Honda's Odyssey is already an award-winning minivan, but the 2016 version is even better than before.

How to Change a Flat Tire

You hear a noise. You feel something wrong with the way your car handles. You pull off the road, get out of your car, and discover you have a flat tire.

Smart Way to Go

Keys to Defensive Driving

The term “defensive driving” almost makes the road seem like a battlefield. Unfortunately, that’s not a bad analogy.

Safety Tips for Driving at Night

Night-time driving can create some of the most dangerous driving conditions possible.

The Best Foods for Refueling Post-Workout

Light workouts don’t require much more than proper hydration. But if you working out intensely, or for longer periods of time (over an hour), it is crucial to fuel your body before, after, and even during intense workouts.

Tips for Helping Your Children Establish Good Study Habits

Students get significant homework assignments starting in elementary school and are expected to master more advanced subjects at a younger age. Helping children establish good study habits is critical to their long term educational success.

Helping Your Teen Prepare for the Driving Test

Your blood pressure and your insurance rates are about to go sky high. Your teen is getting ready to take their driving test. They'll want to get behind the wheel as soon as possible and speed off to the mall. Your job is to make sure they're ready when they do.

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